Dulux Colour Showroom

Dulux Colour Showroom Division

An exclusive showroom for Dulux paint from AKZO NOBEL. The dulux paints offer

  • Soft sheen, velvety smooth finish
  • Fungus resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Uniform colour deposition

You can choose from wide range of Exterior

Weather Shield

  • Unique exterior emulsion with sun reflect technology that reduces surface temperature up to 5o c
  • Keeps home cooler, reduce electricity consumption
  • Tested by centre of energy studies and research
  • International quality pigments that resist fading

Weather Shield Max

  • Elastic water resistant latex film covers hairline crack and give long lasting sheen
  • Protect against dampness, patches, algae & fungus
  • Up to 5 times more water resistant

Weather Shield Ultra Clean

  • Colour guard technology that resist shade fading
  • Unique dirt-resistant formula

Weather Shield Tex

  • Extra tough mineral crystals for unparalleled toughness, durability and water repellency
  • High consistency & filling properties that hide surface imperfections

Weather Shield Water Proof

Poly fiber coating seals cracks and prevents leakage. Sun reflect technology keeps home cooler by 5oc and simple and easy application. No civil work

Weather Shield Alkali Bloc

Resist alkali and efflorescence attack, seals chalky surfaces and improves top coat adhesion

Tile shield

  • Tough- water repellant
  • Latex enriched formula gives long lasting glow to tiles & bricks


Velvet touch premium emulsion. Original velvet paint with pearl glow finish

3 In 1 Stay Clean

  • Washable, stain resistant with unique soft sheen finish
  • Keeps walls free from fungus & bacteria

Light & Space

  • Unique lumi-tec patented technology reflects up to twice more light back into the room
  • Washable & fungus resistant.

Acrylic Emulsion

Smoother matt finish

Satin Finish

  • Solvent based Premium Enamel
  • Gives Elegant & Rich Finish to Walls, Woods & Metals

Super gloss 5 in 1

Special link – Bond technology ensure long lasting gloss finish.


Standard gloss makes wood & metal shine for years.